The Eye of the Storm (about spiritual awakening)

My days are quiet.
Silently watching the clouds go by.
I hear the sound of the clock ticking.

At the same time,
it is quite the opposite.
It feels like I am being torn apart.

One moment my life is narrow and material,
the next moment, and I am talking about nano seconds here,
it is all just a space of limitless energy, including myself.

It feels like I am losing my mind, and in fact I am.
But from my deeper understanding there is Nothing there to Be lost.

Going through this shift in consciousness is pretty scary or should I say crazy,
but then again my Self is not disturbed by it.

It’s calm.

Truly, to experience this simultaneously makes it even more out of one’s mind.
And again, it is.

Just trying to put words on what I am going through,
although words will always fail …

Traveling evoked a deep spiritual awakening within me,
a multidimensional paradigm-shift.

It gives me such a different perspective on life.

This is not just an idea or a feeling anymore,
it’s what I am truly experiencing.

It is like a freaking tornado going through every vain of my body, mind and soul.
Breaking down all that what needs to be broken down.
And I am just sitting there, in the eye of the storm, quietly watching it happen.

And then it happens …

Only when I truly allow myself to be completely absorbed by this phenomenon …


It is ALL gone.
I Am gone.

Gone like the wind.

Nothing left or right,
nothing black or white.

Just nothing.

Can you imagine?

The idea of Maya, the great illusion is itself the great delusion.
Duality and non-duality are really concepts of the mind.

In One there is neither a separation nor a union.
It is not undivided nor is it divided.

The Self is eternally One.

∞ सच्चितानन्द ♡

With love,
Gretta Adriana Martina

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