recap 2016

Recap 2016: A year of AWAKENING

This has been an AWAKENING year for me, a rollercoaster into different outer worlds and inner worlds. (note: this will be my last sharing in English) 

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On February the 2nd my world travel started.  Crossing 4 continents and 17 countries. I’ve dipped myself into all kinds of cultures, the Indian, Nepalees, Philippine, Brazilian and Peruvian culture really touched me.

I have spontaneously sat with Masters, Shamans, Spirits, Awakened People and Beautiful Truthseekers and Fellow travellers, that allowed me to work with and learn more from ancient wisdom like :

  • The art of meditation according to the teachings of Vipassana and the Advaita Vedanta (in Rishikesh, India – Himalayas, Nepal and Zmar, Portugal)
  • Natural way of living according to the basics of Harmless Communication, Attachment Parenting and Permaculture (Off the Grid in Portugal)
  • Holistic healing by channeling and using herbs, colors & aromatherapy (in Siqijor, Philippines and Brazil)
  • Sacred shamanic rituals and sacred plant medicines (Ayahuaca, Huachuma, Santa Maria, Cacao and Tobacco) (in the Bolivian Jungle and Peruvian Andes)
  • The arts of Music and healing with Sound (all around the world)

I’ve physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually challenged myself and my relationship in many many ways. They say that traveling is the only thing you can buy that makes your richer. This is so true. A whole new world opened up to me.  I’ve let go of all the things that didn’t serve me and aligned with my truest being which allowed me to enter a field of loving trust and endless possibilities.

Time has become so relative and space so significant.

I am so grateful to have taken this test of life to leave my past and so-called home behind and alter this Present Moment united as One. I’ve achieved a profound alignment, my mind is crystal clear and visions of our future keep rolling in.

This life is all about change, accepting the change and letting it be. The constant changes and constantly letting be was one of the hardest lessons I had to accept.

It is so true what Paulo Coelho said:

‘Anyone who has lost something they thought was theirs forever finally comes to realize that nothing really belongs to them.’

We are all transient beings, no permanence is ours. We are a wave that flows to fit whatever form it finds.

In the change I have found that which is unchangeable. In this unchangeable change lies a profound Silence, we have given it many names: Love-light, Divinity, God.

To see beyond change and reach for the unchangeable, resulted in a deep self-realization and helped me to stop hiding, to accept my uniqueness and to shine in my own light.

To let go of control and to let life unfold itself without expectations or forced directions is one of the greatest gifts I have given myself, while at the same time understanding the importance of being the Master of your my mind, setting clear intentions and flowing with it.

For the last year I have seen Mother Earth carrying so many kinds of people on her planet. All with their own unique expressions, emotions and lifestyles. They independently fill up an unique space inside this tremendous spectrum of life.

Now I come to think of it, maybe they were my true awakening. Seeing light and darkness and all that is in between in every corner of the world made me realize that life isn’t about seeking light or getting away from the darkness.

Life is about embracing both sides of the spectrum, understanding their relation and coexistence. In this world of duality it is because of the darkness that you can experience the light. Only when you are ready to let down your guards there will naturally open up a space that allows you to reach beyond the separation and unify in a field of Oneness.

I feel the loving grace flowing through me. She is showing me to I have past the test and that I am ready to hold and create sacred space for those who feel the urge to awaken in life, to bee free and in this world of abundance.

2017 will be my year of True Manifestation and Focus, I will offer you a lot of free inspiring and awakening content,  online courses, meditation gatherings and other beautiful workshops and retreats.

This will be my last sharing in English (expect for certain kind of poems).

I thank you, for the sake of thanking and I wish you a Transformational New Year.

From NOW on my sharings will all be in the Dutch language.

Het is tijd om de Nederlandse Vrouw spiritueel te ontwaken. 

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