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Do you ever hear yourself thinking: Yeah, but ..? But I don’t have enough money, but I still have to gain more talent, but I can’t aks any money for it, but I don’t have the time … but, but, but.

If so, please take a minute to read this. Not for me, but for YOU.

I got a quick solution for you:

To every BUT(T), I say BULLSHIT! 😉 So if you want no more BULLSHIT, just stop saying BUT.

Let me collaborate on this …

The only BUT(T) that is holding you back is your own. This BUT is based on fear. That’s what is keeping you from living your life.

This fear is merely based on a believe, a believe based on a thought. And YOU are NOT your thoughts.

So the BUT-believe that you are just not quite ready yet, not quite good enough. Or the believe that this and that needs to happen first before you can really life it up …

These are BULLSHIT BUT-believes!

Don’t fall for this ‘special’ one either …

”BUT first GOD or the UNIVERSE needs to give me a special SIGN and then everything will fall into place” …

So GOD gives you this great gift called LIFE, and you still keep waiting for more? You selfish little (wo)man. 😉

You know this is still your ego’s projection right? It can be very subtle and persuasive.

Don’t let it trick you. GOD doesn’t work like that. And seriously?

Isn’t god within us already, living through us in every breath that we take?

Why wait when you can accelerated (not rush!)? The force of life is flowing naturally, it moves, it grows, it’s dynamic and it always follows the stream of less resistance.

So, why would you keep RESISTING? Why would you waste this precious energy? I can tell you much more better ways to spend this energy on …

I think you do too!

It is the mind that tries to trick you with this idea that you are ‘stuck’. It likes to make up even more bigger stories, like that we live in a big bad world full of bad people who like to see you in a bad way.

If you catch yourself in this kind of negative thinking just remember yourself that your outer world is merely a reflection of your inner world. The ideas and believes you have on your outer world are the ideas and believes you have about yourself.

So, the next time you are on you BUTT thinking of BUTS this is what you do:

Stop resisting:
This limiting believe of you is a projection on either the past or future. It’s FAKE! It only keeps you blind for the NOW, this moment. And when you are blind for the NOW, you go BLIND through life.

You won’t be able to see the many gifts life offers you every moment and you won’t be able to enjoy every little or big succes you gain in life if you are to busy thinking in FAKE realities (past/future).

Speak up:
It is just a thought based on an illusion. You are not your thoughts. Speaking up helps to break up the negative thinking pattern.

When you start showing your true self, when you are no longer afraid to show your vulnerability, when you start living up your truth, thats the moment when your life starts to shift!

In that special moment life is no longer working against you but working for you.

Keep on expanding:
Keep on opening up, there are no limits! YOU have to not only believe it into existence, but ACT on it.

Last and foremost:
Remember yourself everyday WHY you are WORTH LIVING for. Don’t only tell it to yourself but share it with the world. Give it space, make it real!

YOU can start making it real NOW. <3

Just answer this question with a comment below:

What it is that you live for and why won’t you let any BUTS get in your way from now on?

Although it might seem insignificant to share, it is very important that you DO it. Because all the time you keep waiting for life, life is waiting for you.

Gretta Martina

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