Alone in the Bolivian Amazone


We are just back (in La Paz) from an amazing week in the Bolivian Amazone. Some may call us crazy but by following our higher guidance we ended up three days completely alone in the Amazone jungle (except for the Ayahuasca ceremony that was held by a shaman: yes we did it again!).

We were dropped in the jungle on a Friday morning. ‘See you Saturday night!’, the Shaman said before he left his land and went back home to his wife and children.

During daylight we explored the surroundings. Cooking our own veggie’s on a basic stoof, drinking from and washing ourselves in the streaming river, swimming there bare naked while surrounded by giant trees and the most beautiful birds. It’s an amazing feeling!

Seconds seem like hours in the jungle. Especially with no electricity and any sign of civilized life.

At dawn we started collecting and cutting wood with a machete to make a fire for protection during the night against wild animals and mosquitos.

As the night settles the jungle becomes a whole different place, this is when the real magic happens.

The energy shifts and as the campfire slowly fades the fireflies show themselves. Their belly is bright yellow and their eyes are vibrant green. It feels like jungle spirits looking back at you.

Through the tops of the jungletrees you see millions of twinkling stars and a mystical wind takes over the rainforest, making the leaves whistle and the trees talk.

During the night we seek for shelter in our small tent to give ourselves some sense of protection against the night predators. Occasionally we hear some big animal wandering around.

The screeching junglesounds guided me into the lucid world of dreams. Which doesn’t surprise me at all. My spirit is definitely to curious to not check out the wild life here, like the tigers and jaguars. Gosh, what a night.

I was a little scared in the beginning, but I truly felt blessed and protected throughout this whole experience. I feel in every vain of my body that the Amazone has been my home for many many lifetimes.

The next day the Ayahuasca ceremony was held at 00:00. It was an inner journey like none before.

In such an environment and in such an authentic and very basic way real deep and intens cleansing occurred. I can still hear the rattles of the shakapa and the endless sacred songs.

We took a total of five drinks and after the second drink Aya took over and left my ego astray. She pulled my spirit into the vibrant and white light and told my physical being to stay put, ‘your job is here!’.

Watching the sunrise the morning after and bathing in the refreshing river made me feel like a newborn, blessed in the loving arms of nature.

After three full and magical days we made it out of the jungle by foot. Cleaner, wiser and even more richer than we were before. More ready then ever.

In this moment I bow for Madrecita Ayahuasca, I bow for Gaia but mostly I bow for us, Brothers and Sisters. May you reach beyond your limits. May you acknowledged your own inner wisdom. Reunite in SOUL and AWAKEN in life.

Wakan Tanan Kici Un.

I am happy to assist and guide you – in whatever way it feels the most fitting – to connect your being into that which is your TRUTH.

Not to know TRUTH, but to LIVE truth.

Aho mi takye Oyasin. Aho. ♡

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